Quick Q&A: Fashion influencer Louise Roe


Backstage SoCal got to ask this major fashion influencer a few questions for aspiring bloggers and fashion enthusiasts.

English TV host, model, and fashion journalist Louise Roe will present a Q&A at the Fashion Island Style Week OC on Saturday, Sept. 15. Backstage SoCal got to ask this major fashion influencer a few questions for aspiring bloggers and fashion enthusiasts:

What do you hope to achieve as a panelist at StyleWeekOC? 

Louise: I absolutely love getting in front of young people who are looking for a career in
media, beauty or fashion. I hope to inspire them and give them an inside look into my career, and as many practical tips as possible. And I also just love talking about shoes… if they would rather just talk shopping!

What various topics do you plan to present at the StyleWeekOC panel?

Louise: I’m open to any questions people want to ask! The most common for me are how to get started in the industry, and any favorite products or trends I’ve got my eye on at the moment.

What makes a good fashion blogger? 

Consistency. Posting consistent, good quality photos, and having a point of view that’s honest  – or funny – or both. More and more I think followers want authenticity, even if that means seeing the not-so-perfect moments. Also, engaging with your audience is so important. Answering questions and replying to comments, is crucial to having a really committed following.

louise roe

Do you have any daily habits or routines that help you find balance?

Yes – ironically making sure I take time offline! I share a lot of my personal life, but equally I keep a lot of it private, so relaxing without my phone by my side and reading a good book, is a luxury to me. Working out is a great stress reliever, and so is a good gin and tonic…

What does it mean to be you to be such a heavy influence in lifestyle,
fashion and entertainment? 

It is very flattering, but I don’t think of it so much like that. Moreover, I just enjoy putting looks together and shooting them, or coming up with article ideas like I used to at different magazines, based on the feedback I get online.

What has been your most treasured career moment?

Having my book, Front Roe, published a couple of years ago – I slogged over every word over the course of 7 months, whilst filming a TV show on a desert island in Asia, and it
was so worth it!

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