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Local Experts: Improve Shoulder Mobility

Athletic Trainer Chris Phillips shares exercises to improve shoulder mobility — moves that can benefit all, but especially dancers.

Ask the Experts: Eight Tips on Dealing with Shin Pain in Dancers

Beautiful leaps and jumps may come at a cost to a dancer’s shins. Knowing how to reduce the risk of shin pain, or how to deal with pain if it occurs, is essential for healthy dancers. These tips give dancers and instructors some technical tweaks and sensible “shin friendly” behaviors off the dance floor. Many cases of shin pain are best served by working with dance medicine specialists who may use x-rays, blood tests, and other evaluations to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Ask the Experts: What supplements are best for dancers?

Dancers can be bombarded with many performance enhancing supplements that claim to build strength and assist in recovery. Use of some supplements...

Ask the Experts: How to get the most out of a summer intensive program

Many kids take the “Summer time, and the living is easy” route from a popular song. No worries about school, homework, projects or tests. Several...

Ask the Experts: Big toe getting in the way of dancing or sports?

Anaheim Hills pediatric and sports medicine specialist Dr. Chris Koutures provides information and advice so you don't let this small joint cause big problems: Many dancers...

Local Experts: Pro athletics doctor provides tips to dancers experiencing discomfort

Dance discomfort comes with the territory of doing the usual hard work on the dance floor. Muscles hurt, toes feel cramps, and...

Dancer Overuse: Ask These 3 Key Questions to Reduce Injuries

Dancer Overuse: Ask These 3 Key Questions to Reduce Injuries Dancer overuse is an unfortunately common issue that can limit both rehearsing and performing. While...

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