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Rest Is Best: How Sleep and Taking Time Off Improves Athleticism

When tired and choosing between sleep, an extra class, or even an extra recovery session, it is best to choose the extra time for sleep.

Athletes & Dancers: How to Eat, Drink & Still Be Healthy Over the Holidays

Ask for the Experts: How to stay fit and healthy during the holidays

Dancers: How to Improve Ankle Mobility and Performance

How to improve ankle mobility and stability for dancers and athletes.

‘The Graceful Exit’ founder talks new website and podcast for navigating divorce

New website serves women enduring the divorce process throughout Orange County and Southern California.
group of women doing exercise inside the building

Dancers: How to Make a Comeback After Covid

For dancers, the time away from practice, strength training and performances is the biggest downside of exposure to Covid. Here's how to get back to it.
women in black top and black leggings stretching

What to do after a dance injury?

Professional advice for dancers suffering from a major or minor dance injury.

Growth Spurts in Lockdown: Is Your Young Dancer Getting Taller?

Is Your Teenage Dancer Getting Taller?

Don’t Lose Your Step: Tips For Dancers to Stay in Shape in Isolation

Tips for keeping your body in shape and dance ready while at home - even without the studio or gym.

When the Curtain Rises – Returning to Dance in the COVID World

When the studios reopen and classes resume, dancers envision parading across the floor in the company of peers and wowing audiences hungry...

Dancers: Social Distancing and Home Isolation – Now What?

Now that essential social distancing/home isolation needs have replaced all the practices, rehearsals, performances, and competitions, what can dancers and performers do?

Athlete Eating Disorder: How to identify and get help

Eating disorders are one of the biggest risks faced by dancers, particularly women. The focus on size, shape and weight can put...

How to Heal Bone Stress Injuries in Dancers & Athletes

Bone stress injuries, especially in dance, can be stressful. They can be hard to understand, hard to suspect, and have unpredictable healing...

Local Experts: How to use mental visualization to enhance performance [dancers]

Local Experts: How to use mental visualization to enhance performance [dancers] @competesportspr #dancers #mentalvisualization #dancetips

Q: As a dancer, how can I strengthen my core?

By Dr. Chris Koutures, Backstage SoCal contributing expert There are a few certainties in the dance world. Legs...

Ask the Experts: As a dancer, how can I help the flexibility in my...

Chris Phillips, an Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Sports Safety Specialist, provides tips on how to improve ankle mobility.

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