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Writer-director and “GLOW” actress Kimmy Gatewood has combined her two worlds of entertainment and motherhood into one lighthearted and provoking podcast, “Mother of All Shows.” The new podcast, which is presented by Earios and drops every Wednesday, explores the perils and triumphs of being a modern parent through comedy, experts and panels. 

You may recognize Kimmy as Stacey Beswick — one of the Beatdown Bitties on “Glow” — or as one-third of the World War II musical comedy trio Apple Sisters. She has also appeared on “Conan,” “A Christmas Story Live!,” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Kimmy chatted (and made us belly-laugh) about her newest venture into podcasting and why you should listen — whether you are a mom or not.

What was the inspiration behind creating “Mother of All Shows”?

When I got pregnant, I was overwhelmed by everything I read on the internet – what I couldn’t eat and drink, how I was already putting my child at a disadvantage by not reading to her in utero or how she would never have confidence because I didn’t sign her up in fetal krav maga — I joke, that’s not a thing…right?

I also want to create a space where I could reevaluate the things I read and hear on the internet and the news. Becoming a parent is such a big transition in life and so many people have so many opinions; I figured I’d go back to the fountain of knowledge, which is real moms. As much as technology and knowledge is at our fingertips, I often feel deeply out of touch and scattered; I’m sure that’s the lack of sleep and my daughter’s packed gymnastic/soccer/girl scouts schedule too. So, I talk to experts in the field to help me decode the mom philosophies.

I also wanted to provide a space without judgement, better understanding and most importantly a sense of humor. If you want to get a taste, check out this video I did while 8 months pregnant “Nesting Like a Motherf*&” (warning: NSFW)

Your first episode touches on serious topics, particularly postpartum depression. What other topics do you plan to discuss in regards to women and motherhood?  

I’m very excited about this first season. I have a great upcoming conversation about adoption where I talk to two moms who adopted their children and one mom who was adopted as a baby; since I joke about living in a commune with my best friends, I decided to see what it would really be like, so I spoke to a woman who grew up and left a commune and one that is living in one. I have a great episode on travel since it gives parents so much anxiety. We will hit serious topics like guns, miscarriage, and immigration and lighter ones like holidays, in-laws, and a dad’s episode.

You’ve been successful with musical theater as an Apple Sister and as an actress on GLOW; what new challenges have you experienced hosting this podcast? 

I actually had a podcast with the Apple Sisters that you can listen to! I love podcasting. My producer, Jen Perry Leamy, and I originally pitched this as a television show and are so happy to give it a life in podcast form. It’s a perfect way to talk to parents. It’s so intimate that I hope listeners will reach out with their thoughts! I also love learning something and bringing humor to everything I do no matter what the topic. The hardest part for me is finding the time to do it!

When and where are your podcasts generally recorded?  

They are recorded whenever I can find time, usually in my producer Jen’s house or on the road. I feel like an amateur reporter sometimes, showing up on people’s door steps with a microphone.

Are there any particular guests that you have booked that you are excited about? 

I’m very excited for everyone to listen to my interview with Daisy the flight attendant. It really demystified a lot of traveling. Also my interview with Elizabeth who grew up in a hutterite colony. And of course to be able to talk frankly and make jokes with two of my best gal pals and fellow moms Rebekka Johnson and Amanda Deibert.

How has your role in GLOW changed your life? 

GLOW has changed my perception of my body. I had recently had my daughter and I had to learn how to wrestle AND wear spandex all the time. I learned my body is strong and beautiful no matter how imperfect it is. I also have 15 new best friends that I talk to everyday. 

What do you hope to achieve with this podcast? 

I really hope that I can help parents and non-parents have a deeper understanding over each other. And that we can stop judgement and misunderstanding by slowing down and asking someone a question or two. I sound like a Jerry Springer episode AND I AM OKAY WITH THAT!

Follow Kimmy Gatewood on social media at: @kimmygatewood and the show @moaspod

Episodes can be found on Apple, Stitcher, Acast, Spotify or wherever you subscribe to podcasts.

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