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Just when you thought every subject and format has been covered in the podcast sphere, “Sex For Money” makes its way into the orbit. Hosted by actress Aasha Davis (Drunk History, Friday Night Lights), a game show format is used to what she describes as “demystifying” the topic of sex.

So how does this work? We just had to know. Before listeners can start streaming the show on the podcast network Earios on Aug. 7, we chatted with Aasha to learn more about the newest game show made specifically for your listening pleasure. 

How did you come up with the idea of creating a game show podcast with a sex theme? 

I became excited about the idea of an informational podcast with the energy of a game show when I started listening to sex podcasts and found myself losing interest halfway through. The subject matter was fascinating to me but I still found myself constantly checking to see how much time was left until it was over.  I wanted to find a way to learn about human sexuality without it feeling like a lecture and since I’m competitive and love bonding with my friends over poker nights I figured why not combine the two loves. 

What are some examples of the games that are played? 

All our episodes revolve around a theme for example we did a show called  “Sex Through The Ages” and invited two contestants from different generations to play games about everything from Ancient Historical sex practices to the current sex practices of Baby Boomers. 

We always start with “Foreplay” because it’s crucial for us to get to know our guests, their thoughts on our theme and, let’s face it, have a good time. So we engage about topics like how our contestants first learned about the “birds and the bees” or whether they think men should always pay for the first date. 

Once we’re warmed up, we ask our contestants True or False and Multiple Choice questions based on our theme, which sparks fun conversation throughout. We’ll also throw in silly games like, “What Sound Is This?” where the contestants have to guess whether it’s a porn sound or a farm sound. Then we always end with the “Post coital cool down” to absorb what kinds of new things our guests learned throughout the game. 

Just like a good date the experience holds your attention and leaves you looking forward to the next encounter. 

What has been your most memorable moment working with the podcast so far? 

That’s a tough one! Every episode I literally laugh until my cheeks hurt! Thus far, if I HAD to pick just ONE it would be the laughs we had while playing “What Am I Touching?” a tactile game where we blindfold our contestants and have them describe and guess what they are holding to the listeners. Is it a sex object or a regular household item? Maybe it’s both!

How is the transition from acting to podcasting going for you? 

It’s been great! I consider myself a people person, so I started out my career wanting to be a host, and connect with people one-on-one. To ready myself I took improv classes, and to support myself I started doing commercials which eventually led me to acting in film and TV. So as a result returning to this type of spontaneous interaction feels a lot like home. 

Your podcast description states the game show is to “demystify the sexual experience.” How is this accomplished through the podcast? 

When you’re playing these types of games it sparks conversation. It’s easier to say “Oh that reminds me of the time…” or “I read an article about this and it made me feel…”  It opens that heavy door that has obstructed our society’s ability to freely talking about sex. 

What kind of guests do you have on the show? 

It’s a panorama! We’ve had everyone from well-known personalities like Lauren Sivan to my 24-year-old cousin, Sierra McKie. My hope is that the experience feels like a really fun game night with the most interesting people you know. So we pick our guests based on how comfortable they are with the subject matter, how entertaining they are in a competitive atmosphere, and how badly they need or want a hundred bucks.  

What audience are you looking to appeal to the most? 

Anyone over 18. 

Do you have a funny, shocking or fascinating story in regards to the production of the podcast that you would like to share?

I own a (very professional) bag filled with sexy swag that I like to gift to our guests so that no one walks away empty-handed. At our last taping, I was walking from my car to our studio when I heard something make contact with the ground. When I turned around, I was blushy to find a breadcrumb like trail of ribbed and banana flavored condoms. My producer assured me that it probably wasn’t the first time such a scene unfolded in our Hollywood neighborhood.

What do you hope to achieve with this podcast?

Similar to the perfect orgasm, my hope is that this podcast experience releases our listeners load in an enjoyable way and leads them to bragging about it to all their friends.

Listen, learn and laugh to Sex For Money wherever you listen to podcasts. Get behind-the-scenes insights at sex_for_money_gameshow on Instagram.

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