Actress Ingrid Haas explores true love and heartache in new podcast

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Hopeless romantics, you may want to listen up: for all of those nights of wondering if you will ever find “the one” or if “happily ever after” is real, a new podcast is hopelessly devoted to telling true love stories that are sure to give you butterflies. 

Actress Ingrid Haas (Chelsea Lately, Key and Peele) is the host of “The Moment,” a podcast produced by Wondery which premiered on July 1 and drops every Wednesday. Ingrid, who just recently got engaged herself, explores the love stories from real couples to learn what went wrong, what went right, surprise engagements and tense wedding ceremonies. 

Ingrid chatted with us about her new venture into the smooth and rough waters of epic romance. 

What was the inspiration behind creating The Moment podcast?

I was inspired to talk about love after I got engaged. Mostly because I have so many questions about how love works. Especially now that I’m engaged. Mostly how marriage works for different people. A naive part of me always thought it all gets figured out after you find your person, but my experience was that I had more questions than ever! The producers who I work with, Leah Sutherland and Stephanie Jenz, find these incredible stories about love and relationships and at our core, I think we are a bunch of hopeless romantics over at Wondery. We all know people with wild, unbelievable stories about love and relationships and we hadn’t heard anything like this. So we made it!

What are some of the highlights of this first season?

Each episode is so unique and exciting and really focuses on a different couple’s story. We have an episode with Taylor Swift, another one about how a couple froze their embryos before they even had sex! I love the finances episode with Naomi and Andy because they are comedians and very fun to listen to, but also because money is still rarely talked about and we talk about it!

Who do you feel this podcast subject will appeal to the most?

Anyone who believes in the power of love. And my hope is that it’s appealing to people who’ve become a little cynical about love.

What has been your favorite part of podcasting?

I come from a writing and comedy background, so my favorite part is riffing in the studio with the producers. We have a lot of fun making each other laugh and I especially love getting the opportunity to rework jokes or fine tune stuff.

What challenges have you faced in creating the first season?

I would guess finding the couples who we interview. But overall, Wondery is a fantastic network and I am so lucky to be part of the family.

What is it about love and romance do you feel people are more willing to do a “grand gesture”?

I’m not a relationship expert by any stretch, but as someone who’s done some wild grand gestures in my life, I think falling in love with someone makes us feel so good. I always wanted to find a way to show love can make us go blind, crazy and everything in between.

What do you hope listeners will get from “The Moment?”

That love is out there. For everyone. It’s worth the wait and I think even moreso, worth the work.

Anything else you would like to readers to know?

We love our listeners and I read all your comments and feedback and read each of your emails. It’s genuinely so nice to hear that we are giving people hope to find their match and brightening people’s day. Being a part of something that brings light into the world has been such a gift for me.

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