Alain Godon: French pop artist captures SoCal in Laguna exhibit

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By Jackie Moe

From the Hollywood sign to stunning coastal views, renowned French artist Alain Godon captures the unique features of Southern California in a variety of mixed media, works of paper and sculptures. 

The modern and contemporary artwork will be on display in the spring exhibition showcase “California Dreaming” at the Markowicz Fine Art in Laguna Design Center beginning April 9, with an opening reception from 6 to 8 p.m. 

Markowicz Fine Art is proud to partner with the Illumination Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), providing targeted, interdisciplinary services for the most vulnerable homeless adults and children in order to disrupt the cycle of homelessness.  A portion of evening sales will benefit the organization which has been serving Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire since 2008.

More than 20 of Alain Godon’s original artworks will be featured in the Laguna Niguel exhibit through May 9.

Born in 1964 in Bourges, France, Alain Godon has captivated art lovers for decades with what is described as his “childish inspiration” oil canvas paintings and sculptures.

While traveling with his son in Le Touquet, Bernard Markowicz discovered Alain Godon’s art and recognized the success he was receiving in Europe. As an avid art collector, Markowicz recognized the success that Alain Godon was receiving in Europe. He decided to bring Alain’s work to the States, and ultimately to the Laguna Niguel location at Markowicz Fine Art, Laguna Niguel.

What drew you to make California a subject for your pieces? 

Alain Godon: Growing up in France, California always represented the place to be to chase the American dream. Sunshine, beaches, convertibles, what could be better than that?

What makes these pieces particularly unique from past galleries/exhibitions? 

Alain Godon: In addition to my paintings on canvas and the “24 Hour” series, I will be debuting my new QT (“Cutie”) series, which are created with many layers of laser-cut paper, which I cut and assemble in my studio to create a dynamic three-dimensional effect.  The very first QT “study” was exhibited in my solo exhibition at the Matisse Museum in Lille in the North of France from October 2017 through March 2018.

In what ways does your artwork represent you as a person and how do you find inspiration?

Alain Godon: My artworks are inspired by and represent my travels and all of the sensory attachments associated with these voyages.  These include the sights, sounds and aromas, but mostly the people and stories I capture in my paintings from these travels.

How would you describe your unique style? 

Alain Godon: I bring cities to life through various perspectives I see in a way that the Cubist artists used when painting (for example) the profile of a woman’s face while at the same time painting her straight-forward portrait.  Through this method I make architecture dance.  The movement in the architecture begins to tell the story of my “narrative art”.   The next and most important elements are to add the people, which truly brings the stories within each painting to life.

Out of all of your artist accomplishments, what has been one in your career that is most dear to you and why? 

Alain Godon: Freedom and liberty are accomplishments I have achieved over time.  These Freedoms came over time because of recognition from notable exhibitions like my solo exhibition at the Matisse Museum, as well as my exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States.  Freedom to me means I am not tied down and have had the freedom to travel and paint and celebrate the life of various cities around the world.

If you could choose a particular piece in this collection, which is your favorite and why? 

Alain Godon: The last painting that I paint is always my favorite because it is the best one I have done to date as I continually explore and grow as an artist.  The current favorite is a work in progress specific to Laguna Beach for my solo exhibition at Markowicz Fine Art, which opens April 9, 2022.  You will have to come to the Opening Reception to find out which historic landmark I chose as my latest architectural muse.

What does it mean to you to have your works displayed at the Markowicz Fine Art? 

Alain Godon: It means 15 years of friendship with Bernard Markowicz.  He introduced me and my artworks to the US market in 2010 and it has been a very successful partnership but the friendship is the most meaningful part to me.

As an artist, what unique challenges have you experienced in the past few years? 

Alain Godon: While I am from France, I was living in London but when Covid hit the world, my wife and I decided to move back to France to be closer to my wife’s parents, who are my very important family as well.  They are in their 90’s and the time with them is the most important thing to me because time is a precious commodity that you cannot put a price upon.  The challenges were making the move and then getting set up with a new studio, with new collaborators, etc. as I settled into my new life in France.

What do you want patrons to discuss when they leave your gallery? 

Alain Godon: When people leave the gallery after experiencing my art exhibition, I want them to carry with them a sense of happiness and joy.  I want them to feel as if they were a part of the voyage and journey through my travels.

Photo credit: Sculpture by Alain Godon,

California Dreaming”: An exhibition featuring the works of Alain Godon 

Opening reception: 6-8 p.m. April 9. RSVP by April 1:

Markowicz Fine Art, 23811 Aliso Creek Road, Laguna Niguel



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