Comedy writer Lesley Arfin is ‘Filling the Void’ with new podcast

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When you aren’t commuting to work, planning out your next work presentation, picking up your kids’ carpool, studying for a test — or whatever it is that takes up your day-to-day — do you indulge in a unique or bizarre hobby? Lesley Arfin, the perpetually chill creator of the hit Netflix series “Love,” created the feel-good podcast about finding pure, simple joy in random, unusual or just plain fun hobbies. 

The Filling the Void podcast features celebrity guests, such as actress Natasha Leggero (host of MTV’s “The 70s House”) and actress/TV writer Kerri Kenney (“Reno 911!), discussing the things that make them happy. The brand new podcast has streamed from the LA-based network Earios since June 30. We chatted a bit with Lesley about her favorite moments so far. 

What was the inspiration behind creating a podcast on discovering hidden hobbies?

I was f**king off a lot, doing things I like to do instead of actual work to make money. So I thought, ‘Oh I wonder if other people have this problem?’ And then people kept telling me to do a podcast and I was like nah, I’d only do it if it was actually fun, like a hobby. And somehow this math all added up to FTV.

Who has been your most memorable interview so far and why? 

Probably Kate Berlant because it was the first one.

What has been the most shocking/fascinating hobby you have discovered in your podcast chats? 

Diablo Cody’s roller coaster hobby was CRAZY! 

I heard you tell Diablo Cody that your podcast is a hobby. What are your other hobbies? 

Handyman/woman type stuff, painting, ballet, cards, and online shopping. 

What helps you balance writing, podcasting and other career/life ventures?

Being a mom. But I wouldn’t say it’s balanced. I’m constantly trying to balance my schedule and failing. 

Do you feel podcasting came natural to you? And has it enhanced your creative process?

Yes and I don’t know. Probably? I’ve only done it like 4 times though. 

Who are your podcast heroes? What qualities do they have that have inspired you in your own podcast?

I rarely listen to podcasts and when I do it’s 100 percent about the subject matter — usually murder. 

What do you hope to achieve with this podcast?  

Just to have fun and find out some cool stuff about people I hadn’t expected to find. I’m interested in people in general and what they do when they’re off the clock. 

Episodes can be found on Apple, Stitcher, Acast, Spotify or wherever you subscribe to podcasts.


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